Thursday, September 23, 2010

twtMob - Great Twitter Monetization Opportunity!

twtMob connects a network of social media users
that reach over 20 million people a day with your brand to create
targeted conversations across popular social sites like Twitter and

Recommended Features
  • twtMob helps you monetize your Twitter, Facebook and social media accounts.
  • We find advertisers and campaigns that match your preferences.
  • You control the tweets that are sent out, as well as control the messaging.
  • Every time you send out a campaign tweet your account gets credited cold hard cash.

twtMob and Twitterers

twtMob recognizes that the new authority in news, media, trends, and pop-culture is YOU, the consumer. Replacing traditional media as a whole new kind of publisher, you deserve to be rewarded for providing your
listeners/followers/friends with meaningful content. twtMob enables you
to monetize your stream by connecting you with advertisers that want to
pay you to publish creative content as well as value added deals that
fit your target audience. Finally you can benefit from the natural word
of mouth efforts you are already engaging in on a daily basis. And with
twtMobs Your Choice, Your Voice policy, you are always in control.

How twtMob Works
1. Sign Up and connect twtMob to your twitter account
2. Receive and accept offers from advertisers
3. Tweet the advertisers message from twtMob and get paid

We are unique in offering advertisers these ROI advantages:
* Active Campaign Optimization - Our system monitors campaign
activity real time, removing underperforming users immediately and
replacing them with stronger candidates.
* Algorithm Based Pricing twtMob user pricing is based on an
algorithm that considers the Twitterers follower count, click rates,
daily mentions and more. This ensures that you are only paying for
ACTUAL value and not stated value.

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