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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ronald Wilson Reagan - His 103rd Birthday

I didn't know WHAT to do here, there are so many people that have followed this man through his life. Suffice it to say, anything that anyone can put together to present as a tribute to this great man will fall short of encompassing what he has meant to the world. So, I have at least done this -

Some quick quotes:

...the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today's world do not have.

Coercion, after all, merely captures man. Freedom captivates him.

Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.

The ultimate determinant in the struggle now going on for the world will not be bombs and rockets but a test of wills and ideas.

I know in my heart man is good...what is right will always eventually triumph...there's purpose and worth to each and every life.

In a world wracked by hatred, economic crisis, and political tension, America remains mankind's best hope.

We are a nation of freedom..under God..all citizens must have the opportunity to grow, create wealth, build a better life for those who follow.

Well, one of the worst mistakes anybody can make is to bet against Americans.

We in govt should learn to look at our country thru the eyes of the entrepreneur, seeing possibilities where others see only problems.

A truly successful army is one that, bc of its strength/ability/dedication, will not be one will dare..provoke it.

When we've taken up arms, it has been for the defense of freedom for ourselves and for other peaceful nations who needed our help.

At home, our enemy is no longer Red Coats, but red ink.

Balancing the budget is a little like protecting your virtue: You just have to learn to say "no."

...the problem is not the size of the deficit, it's the size of government's claim on our economy.

We cannot reduce the deficit by raising taxes.

Oh, and this, from me: No remarks from Obama on Ronald Reagan's 103rd, no Empire State Building lights ( are happy though, no doubt), no tweet.

Had to share this:

Ronald Reagan’s 31 Most YOLO Moments

“Before I refuse to take your questions, I have an opening statement.”

Ronald Reagan was the presidential master of YOLO.

Go here, end enjoy!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It’s All Fun and Games as a Wisconsin School Gets Kids to Snitch on Parents

From Colorado to Wisconsin -

It seems that, even when a school system can proclaim itself 'proud American' (Fort Collins HS in Colorado gave up the ghost of its denial of 'American Day' for the student body) the actions of another speak even louder:

Daisy Luther, Organic Prepper/The Daily Sheeple
The game is called “Cross the Line” and many outraged parents believe that it does just that.
A middle school in Marinette, Wisconsin got a group of 5th-8th graders together and organized a really fun game that asked students to step forward to answer “yes” to a series of highly personal questions. Questions like…

Do your parents drink?
Do you cut yourself?
Has anyone in your family been to jail?
Have you ever wanted to commit suicide?
Do you or your parents do drugs?

Unbelievably, school administrators believed that this “game” would help the kids to be better and kinder friends. “The intent of this activity was to build stronger, more respectful relationships among students,” said Principal Shawn Limberg. The “game” was part of an anti-bullying program.
Of course, Limberg also said the “game” was completely voluntary, an assertion that was disputed by one young girl who told her mother she’d have to go to in-school suspension if she didn’t participate.
Several parents voiced their concerns and had them brushed off. Amanda Fifarek, mother of a 7th grade student, told FOX 11, “They basically told us that all the students were lying…all the students got together and planned it out and if they weren’t lying, it was all misperceptions. They didn’t specifically say do your parents do drugs.”
Of course. We all know those silly children must have just misunderstood the whole thing.

Here’s the report from the local Fox station:
Cross the Line Game at Marinette Middle School

Reading between the lines, it doesn’t look as though Marinette Middle School was duly chastised. It sounds like they every intention of playing the “game” again. According to a Yahoo news report, ”Principal Limberg said they will let parents know the next time they plan on playing this game.”

Read more

Keep the fight RIGHT.

Friday, January 17, 2014

George Bush, Desert Storm and the Memorial Yet To Be

George H W Bush Announces War Against Iraq (January 16 1991)  

No, there currently isn't one:
The National Desert Storm Memorial
History tends to overlook the uncertainty and delicate nature of the whole operation. The fact that a coalition of
34 countries had to be held together and the looming threat of Chemical and Biological warfare tends to get
brushed aside when talking of Desert Shield/Storm. The 100-hour antiseptic nature of the war as presented by the news media is really what is remembered. However, as brief as it might have been, there were 293 American men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice in extracting the Iraqis and liberating Kuwait.. This site as well as
The National Desert Storm Memorial is dedicated to honor all those who served, as well as remembering all those who didn’t make it home!!!

It is our duty, and solemn obligation to NEVER FORGET OperationDesert Shield/Storm and the veterans who served. We need to rememberthis shining moment in history so that future generations know the meaning of the words: Courage, Honor, Sacrifice, and doing the right thing.

H.R. 503: National Desert Storm and Desert Shield War Memorial Act
H.R. 503, the National Desert Storm and Desert Shield War Memorial Act, which seeks to create a national memorial honoring the service members who honorably served and died in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

The First Public Renderings

First Public Memorial Renderings
First Public Memorial Renderings
First Public Memorial Renderings

The Memorial on Facebook 

The Memorial on Twitter


Always Remember. Never Forget.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Benghazi Attack, HR36, and my Congressman, Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen

Dear Mr. Pearson:

Thank you for contacting me to convey your support for a continuing investigation into the attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya last September 11 and for establishment of a "select" Congressional committee to probe these tragic events. I appreciate having the benefit of your views as I share them!

A remarkably able and effective ambassador was killed in a terrorist assault. Those who were hired to protect him also paid with their lives. All four were left unprotected and apparently abandoned by their own government.

Despite all of the president's declarations about "getting to the bottom" of this, no one individual or organization has been held accountable or responsible. On this point, be assured that our enemies and our friends are watching and learning from our lack of response.

Granted, investigations are already underway in Congress, albeit behind closed doors by several different committees. However, the Benghazi case cuts across multiple national security agencies, and the White House, involving sensitive information, thereby putting it in a league of its own among the various Obama Administration scandal investigations now underway. Therefore, I have become convinced that the most effective way to uncover all the facts in a timely manner is through a single transparent Congressional committee with subpoena power. That is why I have cosponsored House Resolution 36, introduced by Rep. Frank Wolf (VA).

Time is wasting. Sources are disappearing and leads are drying up. In my view, the Select Committee legislation needs to be swiftly brought to the floor for a vote, so the House can hold public hearings over the summer .. and attempt to provide a final public report by the first anniversary of this attack.

Civilian or uniformed, Americans serving their country abroad deserve protection and respect for the dangerous missions they assume on our behalf. This tragedy did not need to happen. It is our job to see that it is not repeated. Establishment of a House Select Committee on the Benghazi Attack will advance us toward that goal.

Once again, thank you for contacting me.

Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen

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