Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ending the Recession - Looking for Growth

The technical figures for pronouncing an end to the recession in the United States - as of June 2009 (!) - are just that: technical.  While the Fed sees no justification for raising interest rates (due to no or slow growth in the economy), individuals and businesses see the pullout of a near depression as relief only from a cataclysm that may yet befall us globally - the crash of fiat currency.  See here: Dodging Rocks; The Recession Is Over

Government haste to make itself all-important in the fight to restore the world's economies has jeopardized and bastardized business and private commerce, and brought to bear the ever-increasing burden on the citizenry of the world to fund this growing behemoth, which has no end unless we make it so.  So, when The United States says it will bring on more taxes (we used to call them 'investments' in the Clinton era), penalties, fees, and the like, just to fund to next round of government growth and decimation to the private sector, the United Kingdom is looking to make sure 'they get theirs' by increasing its burdens on the people as well, including putting HM Revenue and Customs on a work load of collection that includes lie detectors: Clegg tax war on the middle class: Families could face 'lie detector tests'

Mind you, no country, to my knowledge, is exempt from these attempts to take from you what you've got, to give to whatever THEY want.  Such is the custom of government - always seeking its survival, to the detriment of all else.  When the people rise up to proclaim 'Enough!', they are castigated by those who look to the 'leadership' of their country (apparently not THEM) to guide and run their lives, and provide support to anything and everything it takes to make that happen.

Yes, government has its place in societal function, AND, the people are to determine that, and any people that decide it is NOT for them to do so, no longer deserve liberty and freedom, save that which the government will 'provide.' (At this point of the rant, it's easy to insert, 'Then go get your OWN country, this one's taken'!)

The cost of governing is at an all-time high.  You and I as citizens in each of our countries have a responsibility to keep our governing bodies in check on an ongoing basis, and that does not stop at the ballot box.  Our works in life to create business, develop cultural identity, and to seek independence from the overwhelming, watchful eye of Big Brother will continue unabashedly in the face of even the worst of recessions, and we will grow OURSELVES out of economic downturns, thank you very much.

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