Monday, September 27, 2010

Not a Time for Lament!

There is good and bad news throughout countries and their markets where economic factors and government projections of growth are weighing heavily on the public and private sectors. Certainly, as the analyses of 'how we all got into this mess' go on for the next ten years (more?!), we need to be aware that, even in a time where politicians want to rule the roost and the world (!), there is work to do. Business wants to survive and thrive, and will move as far forward as it needs to in order to remain, or become, competitive, and in not-so-obvious ways will make inroads to achieve goals, and in other manners and matters, will put themselves in the limelight for public inspection of their works. In Cole Files Two Non-Traded REIT IPOs Totaling $7B, with its accompanying initial article , we see REITs being positioned for more growth in a company that seems to have a steady hand in its market. Canadian REIT Artis to buy AMB properties for $115M lets us know there is still a good amount of dealmaking happening, facilitating expansion of industry and broadening tax bases for cities desperately needing this. Digital Realty Trust, Inc. and Digital Realty Trust, L.P. Commence Exchange Offer of Digital Realty Trust, L.P.'s 5.875% Notes due 2020 for Registered Notes gives us insight as to the bargaining and agreement issues that many entities use in bartering for financial undertakings, and the circumstances that come to pass to keep those finances in check and balance. Whether some of those issues become one of a positive or negative nature, time tells us there are situations that can and do lend themselves to 'lessons taught' - Citicorp, AIG, GM, BofA, etc. - and either we learn to remove the incentives to do business that is detrimental to all involved, including and not limited to, global calamity, or we let the wheels spin again and see what happens 'next time'. I, for one, choose the former, since the effort to continue in a more dignified manner is far more enticing than 'what can we get away with now'.

Moving forward with the benefit of hindsight, we can surely see, and easily so, that corruption, greed, and playing with OPM(other people's money) (bad business decisions by corporations and industries KNOWING what they do; governments that feed on weaknesses in markets, and take advantage of power GIVEN THEM by their consitituents; other factors) lead to downfalls that ARE unpredictable...who needs THAT?!

Look to the best scenarios for direction, and avoid those which make a case for a fast buck only - and damn the consequences!: individuals and private enterprise will grow and prosper, and government intervention will be a lot less than what is perceived now as necessary.

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