Friday, September 27, 2013

The GOP doesn't think We The People Get. It.

Republicans Surrender: See Whether Your Senators Voted to Fund ObamaCare Here! #GOPEFAIL #tcot #GOP

Why sequestor is a farce: @JohnCornyn According to CRS, here's what happens to Obamacare if cloture vote fails and..

And vote for cloture at the same time? Joke. @JohnCornyn [VIDEO] Cornyn: I Will Vote To Defund Obamacare: #tcot #GOP

When the GOP sees itself as a force against the biggest mistake in modern times - Obamacare, and associated atrocities concerning the death of the American culture - it cannot expect any decisions and directions it takes will be considered by the foes of capitalism, including lamestream media, as beneficial. So, there is no base to turn to, when giving the cretins in Washington opportunity after opportunity to advance society takeover. The thrust needs to be swift AND with forethought, consequences notwithstanding. The constituencies you entrust to support your efforts as legislators will not be there for YOU, if you are not there for THEM.

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