Friday, July 6, 2012

To Market! Headlines, Policy and Data, U.S. and International!

U.S. Payrolls Rose 80,000 in June, Weakest #in 10 months; Jobless Rate 8.2%: Hiring Shifts into Lower Gear #tcot #GOP

U.S. adds 80K jobs #in June [100K expected]; jobless rate 8.2%; May revised up to 77K; April revised down to 68K #tcot

U.S. posts weak 80K jobs gain #in June Jobless rate 8.2%

Europe stocks drop further as U.S. jobs disappoint: Oil and bank stocks lead the losses... #in #tcot

@markknoller Speaker Boehner says unemployment report shows "the private sector clearly isn’t ‘doing fine’ & that Pres Obama’s policies have failed."

@HollywoodRepub Progressive Media Spin Continues Anabated

@gopconference If you thought a $1.2 trillion 'stimulus' would help the economy--now at 41 months of 8%+ unemployment--you'd be wrong.

Suntech Power Bearish Options Activity Burns Bright: $STP finds itself paddling in deep bearish waters #in #tcot

Treasurys extend gains after jobs report: Economy adds 80,000 jobs, jobless rate remains at 8.2% #in #tcot

Lagarde: IMF to cut growth outlook as global economy weakens; Announcement in 10 days [April estimate 3.5%] #in #tcot

U.S. dollar adds to gains after jobs data: $DXY rose to 83.058; Euro fell to $1.2337 ... #in #tcot

RT @Insideireland: Public Accounts Committee want to hold #banking crisis inquiry

RT @FreeEnterprise IMF warns US of possible recession if scheduled tax hikes and spending cuts go into effect next year

@MarketsWiki Roundup of the latest #LIBOR scandal news from @JohnLothianNews:

RT @FreeEnterprise: The U.S. and Europe - Why it’s time to spur growth through trade with our friends across the pond:

RT @NCF_Updates: Are We Reaching America's Moment?

RT @BizRoundtable: RT @davidmwessel: Slower growth in health spending appears to be global trend, says OECD

RT @BizRoundtable: IT workers largely shielded from economy's woes via @mprnews #STEM

@SuperMedia How crowdfunding is changing the way people invest in business:

RT @BizRoundtable: CEO Confidence Declines in 2Q | The Conference Board (@conferenceboard)

A reeeeallly 'special' moment on @CNBC, huh, gang? #FinanceCrisisNeedsSexToBeExcitingEnoughToTalkAbout

@NYSE_Euronext Our Veteran Associate Program rang the #NYSEBell. We appreciate #NYSEVets service. Photos:

@NYSE_Euronext How NYSE Euronext is Helping Veterans Transition to Corporate America: Lucas H. Mohr—Lucas served five years as ...

@MarketsWiki Farmers: High Grain Prices Are a 'Myth' - Yahoo! Finance

RT @poorconservativ: New Service Allows Campaign Donations Through Social Media

RT @MittRomney: .@BarackObama's healthcare promises have fallen short. RT and share this infographic if you agree

RT @keichri Romney: SCJ Roberts’ Healthcare Ruling ‘Not Accurate’ #Nobama2012 #Mitt2012 #Lnyhbt #Tcot #Gop2012 #Sgp

RT @ArmorCavSpin Walter E. Williams: States should nullify Obamacare-won’t lead to military action against states [AUD]

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