Thursday, May 17, 2012

To Market! Headlines, Recommendations, The Fed, Real Estate!

Several on FOMC Said Easing May Be Needed on Faltering: 'downside risks to the forecast' - Love that - ha! #in #tcot

Fed officials keep door open on easing, eye risks: Risks to the outlook broadly balanced, AND dark clouds! #in #tcot

@SpeakerBoehner Senate Democrats unanimously rejected President Obama’s budget. Again. #GOP has a better plan #4jobs

Jumping off the fiscal cliff: @SpeakerBoehner tells Obama to cross debt ceiling, tax hikes off his ‘to-do’ list #tcot

0 - 513: Obama's Budget Now a National Laughingstock: AND, The House passed 28 jobs bills now blocked by Sen Dems #tcot

Last wk, the House voted to reduce the deficit by an addtl $242.8B while protecting our troops and their families #tcot

Last weeks' jobless claims revised up to 370K, remains unchanged this week. #in #tcot
CHART OF THE DAY: Greece's Big Run 'deposit flight!', 'fears of a Grexit get even more real.' Wow. #in #tcot

Will the Dow Make It Five In a Row?: The Street is pleased with $WMT's earnings results #in #tcot

Paulson Says He Likes CVR Energy as Icahn (owner of 69%of the shares) May Resell It $CVI #in #tcot

And Now JP Morgan's $2B Trading Loss Is Already $3B (And Counting): Dimon said it could get worse...and it is #in #tcot

BANNED FROM THE USA: Billionaire Facebook Cofounder Could Be Barred From America After Renouncing Citizenship $FB #tcot

Freeport-McMoRan Bears Calling for Continued Downside: $FCX put buyers roll a bearish position out and down #in #tcot

Option Bulls Expect Yelp to Extend Its Bounce: $YELP attracted front-month call buyers ahead of expiration #in #tcot

Analysts downwardly revised their ratings on Abercrombie & Fitch, E*Trade, and NetApp $ANF ETFC NTAP #in #tcot

Sir Sean Connery at the Opening Bell - cool! Bond. James Bond!

Real Estate Crash In China: Foreign Funding Down 80%, Land Sales Down 57%, Starts Down 27% But...but...yup. #in #tcot

The 10 Most Distressed Cities In America: Criteria: employment, housing, credit, household budgets, net worth #in #tcot

Some Thoughts On Apartments And The Future Of Rents: Completions might start catching up to absorption #in a year or 2

A New York Judge Is Singlehandedly Blocking The Government's Indefinite Detention Provision We'll see. #tcot

RFK Jr.'s estranged wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, found dead in NY: Autopsy for the 52yr old scheduled for Thur #tcot

Mortgage rates at record lows as 30-yr at 3.79%: Avg 5yr Treasury-indexed hybrid ARM increased to 2.83% from 2.81% #in

Philly Fed manufacturing index plunges in May: falls to -5.8 from 8.5 in April, well below expectations #in #tcot

Treasurys gain, dollar stays up after Philly Fed: 10yr note yields fall 2 basis points to 1.75% #in #tcot


New York Fed Delays $1.7B Maiden Lane III Debt Sale: Acquired during U.S. bailout of $AIG in 2008 #in #tcot

Goldman to Cash Out $1B [almost half] of Facebook Holding in IPO, more than twice its original plan $GS FB #in #tcot

Manufacturing in Philly Region Expectedly Shrank in May: 1st time #in 8 months, reflects drop in orders, employmt #tcot

Stocks Drop as Spanish Debt Declines; $USD Advances: Moody’s set to downgrade ratings of Spanish banks today #in #tcot

CFTC Said to Consider Easing Dodd-Frank Speculation Limits for Oil, Natural Gas, Wheat, other Commodities... #in #tcot

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