Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Lambast, The Shift, and Winning the Osawatomic War of 2012

Giving Newt Gingrich the nod of support, and wanting to keep the argument real about his failings, as with any other person of interest in the fight of our lives, I was intrigued by the show of vitriol in recent days leading up to the Iowa debate just this past weekend. The media obviously does a bang-up “job” of promoting headlines provided on a daily basis by the social networkers, bloggers, and newsmakers who bring the works to their desks to disseminate according to their want. And the flurry of activity pertaining to Gingrich since his endorsement by the New Hampshire Union Leader as well as the loss of Herman Cain as a candidate for president surely gave us no loss of fodder for the masses.
There is no intention of trying to change the opinions of many who find New Gingrich to be the last choice to make as the next world leader, and the list is long for the point-making to be had for why. Instead, I choose to keep the focus on the defeat of one of the greatest threats to the freedoms of this, the last hope of the world in the fight of our lives: Barack Obama.

See here a summation of recent articles attempting to castigate the former Speaker, and even some of Newt's attempts to answer, affirm or reaffirm, even redirect the criticisms currently in play (As these are mostly shares on Twitter on my account , please note comments on any “Tweet” are mainly my own):
Iowa Poll: Gingrich Leads Paul, Romney Hanging over the field is the ?: can seize on his ascent... #tcot
Reaganesque Pres Ad Tries To Smooth Out  's Rough Edges Vids - #Newt + RWR re: 'Morning in America' #tcot
jstrevino So Newt's dissertation was about as important as 99.9% of dissertations these days? Okay then: What Gingrich Didn’t Learn in Congo
The most promising point in her piece: The heroic era of the presidency is dead. They are not looking to like their president or admire him, they just want someone to fix the crisis. Agreed. “Fix” it, then get, and STAY, out of the way!

gretawire Speaker Gingrich ‘On the Record,’ Pt. 1 : In case you missed it, here is Part 1 of our interview with GOP 2012 frontruner Newt Gingrich
gretawire Speaker Gingrich ‘On the Record’, Pt. 2 : Here is Part 2 of our interview with GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich

Okay, then. So, for any candidate, and especially leading up to the money battle against a billion dollar war chest Obama and the DNC will boast of, it is an uphill fight. And fight we must. The Iowa debate was my personal favorite, even with leftists moderating, since it allowed a bouncing format, where the interaction was more spontaneous for my taste. Applause for all the participants is due them, as it takes everything they've got to keep their views alive and kicking for the electorate to begin making their decisions for the frontrunner against socialism in the United States:

FULL ABC/Yahoo Republican debate –12/10 Eeconomy, jobs, foreign policy consistency via http://usamericanfreedom.com/2011/12/11/full-video-abcyahoo-republican-debate-121011/ [Video no longer available here - see below]
Complete ABC News Yahoo Republican Iowa Debate 
Giuliani: Newt Gingrich may be stronger than Romney  Elitism a charge Democrats would have a hard time lobbing
Gingrich challenges Romney to a bet Londonderry, New Hampshire

It goes to show any individual seeking the Presidency of the United States of America will need to endure life-changing twists and turns personally AND professionally in order to win the day, not to coddle, but to forge ahead and direct this, the greatest nation in world history, to new heights and ambitions.

From Ralph Benko: Gingrich Vs. Obama: American Exceptionalism Vs. The Reconquest Of America By Europe An antidote to disaffection: a populist progressive conservative:
“Populist progressive conservative” is a hard combination to pull off. But it can be done. Populist means optimistic about people’s ability to govern themselves. Progressive stands for champion of the little guy against powerful insider special interests. Conservative? Fundamentally committed to free enterprise, traditional values and a robust America. Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan, two Gingrich icons, did it. Gingrich, perhaps uniquely this cycle, may have threaded this very needle.
The electorate, now, seems to have set up the 2012 presidential contest to fight out the very meaning of equality. Obama, for all of his lip service to free enterprise, has made the American Jobs Act the centerpiece of his re-election effort. He proposes to soak the rich (“all paid for!”) for hundreds of billions of dollars for the have-nots, privileging equality of result and prejudicing equality of opportunity. Gingrich’s platform tips toward equality of opportunity. Gingrich’s job creation platform proposes to remove many obstacles to wealth creation, privileging equality of opportunity and prejudicing equality of result.
Benko concludes: Gingrich, by embodying the populist progressive conservative spirit of Theodore Roosevelt and of Ronald Reagan seems to have hit just the right note nearly pitch perfectly.  That is why, absent the unexpected, Gingrich is likely to sweep the primaries and, America truly being exceptional, win the Osawatomic War of 2012.

As always, Kudos to Larry Kudlow! (On Twitter: @larry_kudlow ):
One-on-One with Newt Gingrich  December 7 Video and transcript
In my CNBC interview with Gingrich this week, he slammed President Obama's tax-the-rich, class-warfare attack on bank's and businesspeople. He hammered Obama, calling him a hard-left radical who is opposed to free enterprise, capitalism, and “virtually everything which made America great.”
If Romney is to stop his slide in the polls, and reposition himself as the GOP campaign's leader, he must respond to Newt Gingrich with a pro-growth tax-reform plan that sizzles.
Today's bite from Kudlow:
Following the GOP debate that nearly the whole world watched on Saturday night, the president on Sunday made it very clear that he will not back off his class-warfare vision in the coming year. Kudlow goes on to say, “I should think, in a system of democratic capitalism, that more millionaires are a good thing. Show me a system of redistribution, and I’ll show you a system of economic stagnation.” And sums it up nicely, “It’s going to be a battle between FDR’s 1930s and Ronald Reagan/Jack Kemp prosperity optimism.”

The Fight Is Right. Let's Keep It With Our #Eyeson0. And Win.

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