Friday, July 15, 2011

To Market! Headlines, Recommendations, Looking Forward

Asian indices mixed overnight - the Nikkei +0.39%; Major Euro indices are down; US futures indicate a + open #market #invest #in #tcot

More Disappointing News Fr CPI And Empire Mftg Jun CPI - decline of 0.2% (0.1% expctd); Core jumped to 0.3%... #tcot

Industrial production +0.2% in June 1st rise in 2 months after supply chain disruptions following #Japan earthquake...

RT @financialpost From @fpinvesting What you need to know before markets open

Street Shrugs Off Downgrade Warnings, Focuses on Earnings $C follows JPM's lead, reports Street-beating profits #tcot

This Is The Part Where Ratings Agencies Start Destroying The #Economy OR, where the world gets its act together #tcot

Eurobanks brace for clutch of health test failures 5-15 banks seen failing test; IMF - Europe too slow to repair banks

Irish Banks Expected To Pass Stress Tests "Comfortably" Unlike banks in other bailed-out nations #finance #in #tcot

RT @financialpost From @fpinvesting BHP Billiton bets big on shale gas

RT @financialpost Icahn offers to buy Clorox in $10.2B deal

RT @financialpost America wages quiet battle to sooth foreign investors

RT @financialpost From @fpinvesting Banks push for rule rethink as sovereign liquidity dries up

IT'S OFFICIAL: The Whole World Thinks Republicans Are Dangerous Maniacs Threatening Everyone Uh-huh. #tcot #GOP

And then, If default would be a catastrophe, why is Obama opposed to a short-term deal that would avert it? #in #tcot

Why The #Economy Feels So Bad On GDP, 'expansion' and comparison; And, how 'bout lack of leadership? #in #tcot #GOP

U.S. Treasuries Already Downgraded Default is not an option; it’s a certainty; Dagong, and the next U$ downgrade #tcot

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