Friday, November 19, 2010

Profitable Developments And Real Estate's Impact

The global economy is in the throes of reconstructing itself, through various vehicles aimed at reducing uncertainties in markets that have been affected severely, and in defining attitudes toward emerging markets. While the main impulse has been in resurrecting the finance sectors through government intervention and promotion of less risky ideals in maintaining what banks and lenders can do for each nation's level of contribution to bringing economies back on track to growth, real estate remains for me one of the best avenues to do this. With today's news on how private equity is coming back in force to reassert it's predominance in real estate investing, (see: Investing, Lending Take Opportunistic Turn - More opportunities in properties that are high-quality, yet impaired), there is increasing news on the inflow of funds and abilities to take on distressed assets, whether commercial or residential. All good news for any economy, since there is so much money NOT being invested currently, due to the greater uncertainty, particularly in the United States, as to the direction and intrusiveness of government and it's handling of private business in general, and in the finance and asset-based sectors that determine wealth creation, and the freedoms to do so.

To be sure, there are firms and organizations that refuse to remain on the sidelines, so to speak (Pimco Said to Seek $1B to Buy Troubled Assets From Banks - Commercial and Residential assets targeted), and at this point in the worldwide strains on investing and seeking business growth, while attempting to remain free to pursue the natural course of "making one's mark", if you will, there will continue to be thrusts into the more risky aspects of investing. Those with the capability to create inroads and take advantage of the low end costs of acquisition of significant assets and properties - financial, real property, and otherwise (stocks, commodities, currencies, metals, etc.) - will see an asset accumulation like no other in history. This will, in turn, lead to a growth pattern impacting how business will flourish, thus reviving even more investment, as the profit incentive increases the desire to be a part of an expanding culture of investment unrivaled since the mid-1980's and during the 1990's tech industry and speculation boom.

I expect these stories will continue to surface, and be made available to the general public for consumption on a broad scale, so consumer spending will get on a track of certain growth, and sentiment make the inroads it must, right down to the manufacturing base, in order that job growth can put the nail on the coffin of the recession of many economies devastated by government overspending and improper investment.

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