Thursday, November 11, 2010

Honoring Service and Sacrifice On Veterans Day

Look to your heart this and every opportunity to show appreciation for the freedoms we enjoy in society that might not otherwise be available without the sacrifices veterans of our armed forces continue to make and will always. These individuals, our brethren, our families, our citizens, are a  breed apart, if you will, from 'the rest' of us, for they share their desire for this great nation, and, indeed, for nations around the world, to stand strong against forces that would overcome us. With dignity and valor, they defend the quest for freedom-loving peoples across the earth to be and remain civilized and steadfast in moving our societies forward, nurturing, teaching, and loving many without the ability to do for themselves. Many facets of a veterans' life are measured by their continuing presence in our lives even after their service has concluded - better to say, after it has taken on a new direction, though not necessarily in the military itself. And we are stronger for their contribution, and choose to honor them for that. Part of that bestowed honor is supporting our military before, during and after their ordeals and life as servicemen and servicewomen - training, education, financing for business, health practices and benefits, retirement - all small prices to pay for what they do and give to us all. Most of all, it is our thanks for having done the unthinkable at times: combat.

Civilians know not what combat entails, though we like to think we can imagine it. No, we cannot know the rigor, the frustration, the attitude of victory (you get to live) or defeat (you don't get to live as you have) being in the throes of annhiliation by enemies of your, and another's people. People of the armed forces will share these experiences with us at times, and for myself, I stand in awe. Blood, guts and tears. Pain, anguish and longing. Love, honor and loyalty. For me, I give high regard to my fellow man who chooses military service and life, and knows the price that may be paid for doing so. My small price in honoring that is easily done.

Yes, Thank YOU, stalwart citizens, for sharing your lives with us, and FOR us all.

Ways to celebrate and honor our veterans:
Iraq: Inside the Inferno 2005-2008 Buy this book and Help raise $50,000 for Soldiers' Angels
11/8: NPS is proud of the Veterans in our workforce Sec. Salazar kicks off week of federal activities honoring veterans
Twitter shares:
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@ArmedForcesBowl Special bowl ticket offer for all military veterans
@gsbstanford Surge in veterans and impact felt at Stanford's graduate schools, including GSB, because of Post-9/11 GI Bill
@McCormick_Fdn Fantastic @Reuters special report - humanizes personal and familial consequences of war
@PvtShuttDetach VA policy change helps female veterans with PTSD
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What A Soldier Left Behind by MCpl Elton Adams mp3 AND the YouTube VID here
Please watch this, even if you aren't a Marine. Commandant's Marine Corps Birthday Message - 2010
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Marine who pulled Marine's body from ambush may be first living Marine in a generation to receive the Medal Of Honor
@MilitaryAvenue Thank Veterans - Learn about many support orgs in your neighborhood @AmericanLegion
@MilitaryTimes Ambush hero nominated for Medal of Honor

And, preferably, at the eleventh hour this day, your heart will be with these great people, honoring their legacy, love and sacrifice for their country. Mine will.

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